I'm Florian, a junior game designer currently living in Paris. I will complete my master' degree in game design this July. I'm actually in internship working on a free-to-play app for a health training center until the 1st September 2020. I'm looking for a first job after this date.

Why I chose game design

My game designer ambition started really early. Back in my childhood, I did not have so much toys. So, I spent most my time creating role-playing and pencil-and-paper games for my friends. They were my sweetest memories.

I'm a curious person, I want to keep learning during my whole life and game development knowledge seems to be infinite !

I'm looking for a company where I could grow up in order to become their mobile game design specialist.

I'm open to relocate on a global level.

Why I want to work in the free-to-play mobile industry

First is the accessibility: Almost everyone can enjoy mobile games and this really matter to me.
Next is the challenge. The mobile industry is quickly evolving and there is an enormous competition. I think this is really exciting to find the disruptive and innovative strategy.

I'm fully aware of the ethical issues. Whales hunt led to all sorts of abuses (gambling addiction, kids emptying their parents' bank account...etc). I'd like to help the free-to-play industry to become a safer and ethical environment.