FLIP ZONE/game & UX designer

Flip Zone is a 2 player local game on mobile (Android only) developed during my bachelor's degree.
In this pinball-inspired game, the players' goal is to conquer and hold the majority of the territory using their ball.

Credits: Paul PEREA; Clément ROTH; Gabriel TUNA; Victor GRAZIANI; Florian JESUHA.

I joined the team as a game designer during the late development phase. My responsibilties included:

  • Improve the overall quality of the game.

  • Design the game's monetization.

  • Content design (new game modes & competitive mechanics)

  • UI Wireframes of the player's flow.

Check my UI Wireframe

about competitive matches

Score screen storyboard-1.png

When I have to explain some precise visual effects, I like to use storyboard. It allows me to be easily understandable and stimulate the reader imagination.