Concept: In a mysterious world between space and abyss, creatures named OYA move forward. The player can use attractors to generate curvy and innovative movements.

Title: OYA

Platform: PC

Number of player: 1

Genre: Contemplative

Target: Casual

Production time: 6 months

Team size: 5

Game engine: Unity

Team members:

  • Pauline MAUNY (Concept Artist)

  • Enzo CARLEO (UI/UX)

  • Paul PEREA (Programmer, Technical artist)

  • Dan-Dylan LAVICTOIRE (Sound designer)

  • Florian JESUHA (Project manager & lead game designer)


Oya is a numeric toy developped during the first semester of my 3rd year at ICAN. This toy is the first step to make a game. It allows us to test if the game is interesting enough by exploring many possibilities. For example, with this toy we could imagine a race or a management game...

This is the school unique method to ensure the student master the game system. It was also my first time as Lead designer in a team.


I was in charge of the team management. I had to organize the production pipeline, sprint plannings, meetings... according to the Agile method. Oya is fragile game which stand delicately on its game design as well as its art direction. As a lead game designer, I had to ensure that all of the game aspects are coherent with our design intentions.
I conceptualized and rationalized the game mechanics. I also wrote a technical document for the team.

You can download OYA here:


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